for Veikko Tamlak

** My rogaining maps **

My earli rogaining maps for 24h events
Rogaining Cup 2017
Winter Rogaining 2016

** 2018 **

map Pattaya, Thailand

Georgia mapmaking

** 2019 **

Rogaining Cup 2019
My map of last Rogaining event at August, this map based on cartography of others authors by merging anchient maps and my own work.
Route Gadget of event

My orienteering map which created at september 2019
Route Gadget of event
ancient map of this area from a soviet time

** Examples of my “one day” extrimly fast jobs: **

Rogaining event Vilejka/Narachanka rivers, without fielworks

Orienteering map about . 3 houres of fieldworks
You can compare it. Other cartographers loosed a much more time for same territory

Orienteering map of on day of fielworks Epimakhi + one day of a computer works

map for race by marked route without fielworks, the previous map Epimakhi included in it

** About your project **

For territory of 35 in Georgia I can do
1. make a template by sattelite, Strava, gps traks, soviet military map and buldings from OSM. Roads and paths from OSM is better to redraw.
about 4 days (2-6 days)
2. explore a territory by passing all footpaths at several weeks, may be it takes even a several days depends of your area.
about 10 days (5-15 days)
3. explore a vegetation and countours as much time as you need
more than 5 days
4. during a job I can find best locations for Control Points.
5. I need a time for a computer works
more than 5 days

Mininmum time for a large rogaining map is 12 days
2 days (template) +5 days (minimum fieldworks all paths and partly vegetations) + 5 days (drawing days).
1000-1700 Eurous.
Normal time is 19 days
4 days (template) +10 days (fieldworks for all paths and partly vegetations) + 5 days (drawing days).
2000 Eurous, that is more realable price

If You need more detailed map I can do it
A high detailed orienteering map take 140 working days or more

As options I can do computer works in Georgia
Other option I can devide job for 2 parts. Previouse minimum 2 weeks job at first and more detailed before the event with a marking a Control Points.

Any way You should tell me your area and how many funds you have
If you like travelling a lot than you can visit my rogaining event in Belarus (You can donate or just a pay entry fee). We have a region for visitors without visas from EU. You a welcome to Belarus.

Nice Regards.  


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декабрь 2010
учебная спелеотопосьёмка в Геликтите (снятие данных, расчёт в survex, обработка в OCAD) 
июнь 2012 
спелеотопосьёмка пещера Мамут-Чокрак (немного поползал) 
май 2016 гонка Adventure Minsk
спелеотопосьёмка (снятие данных, расчёт и вычерчивание survex) 
Репортаж, как это выглядело для участников