I want invite You to Belarus.
    A citizens of 80 countries (bellow by the text) can arrive to Belarus without a visa. You need just a ticket for 2ND EUROPEAN GAMES. It will cost not too much. about 5-10$ I think.
    Also You can catch an option visit territory of Russia for transit. (Foreign Minestry of Belarus promissed that)

    Citizens of other countris have an option to take a visa to Belarus by a ticket like a permission.

    Terms of travelling in Belarus from 10th of June until 10th of July 2019

    List of counties:

    1. Australia.
    2. The Republic of Austria.
    3. Republic of Albania.
    4. Principality of Andorra.
    5. Antigua and Barbuda.
    7. Barbados.
    8. Kingdom of Bahrain.
    9. Kingdom of Belgium.
    10. Republic of Bulgaria.
    11. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    13. Republic of Vanuatu.
    14. Vatican City State.
    15. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
    16. Hungary.
    17. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
    18. Republic of Haiti.
    19. Islamic Republic of the Gambia.
    20. Federal Republic of Germany.
    23. Hellenic Republic.
    24. Kingdom of Denmark.
    25. The Commonwealth of Dominica.
    26. Republic of India.
    27. Republic of Indonesia.
    28. Ireland.
    29. Republic of Iceland.
    30. Kingdom of Spain.
    31. Italian Republic.
    32. Canada.
    33. Republic of Cyprus.
    34. People’s Republic of China.
    35. Republic of Korea.
    36. State of Kuwait.
    37. The Republic of Latvia.
    38. Lebanese Republic.
    39. The Republic of Lithuania.
    40. Principality of Liechtenstein.
    41. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
    43. Republic of Macedonia.
    44. Malaysia.
    45. Republic of Malta.
    47. Mexican United States.
    48. Federated States of Micronesia.
    49. Principality of Monaco.
    50. Republic of Namibia.
    51. Kingdom of the Netherlands.
    52. Republic of Nicaragua.
    53. New Zealand.
    54. Kingdom of Norway.
    55. Sultanate of Oman.
    56. Republic of Panama.
    57. Republic of Peru.
    58. The Republic of Poland.
    59. Portuguese Republic.
    60. Romania.
    61. Independent State of Samoa.
    62. Republic of San Marino.
    63. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    64. Republic of Seychelles.
    65. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
    66. Republic of Singapore.
    67. Slovak Republic.
    68. Republic of Slovenia.
    69. United States of America.
    70. Eastern Republic of Uruguay.
    71. The Republic of Finland.
    72. French Republic.
    73. Republic of Croatia.
    74. Czech Republic.
    75. Republic of Chile.
    76. Swiss Confederation.
    77. Kingdom of Sweden.
    78. Republic of El Salvador.
    79. Republic of Estonia.
    80. Japan.



    official paper


    news about spetial paper about transit to Russia


    Russia compleatly accepted moving via Russian territory for Fan ID owners until 10 of July.



    list of countries


    tickets shop (sales start from 1st December)



    Norwegian PWT travell

    13.07 – 18.07

    PWT Hrodna

    It is also possible without visa because there are two regions in Belarus free of visa – Brest & Hrodna (Grodno)