Rogaining Cup in Belarus Bulletin #1

Bulletin #1 Invitation

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Rogaining Cup in Belarus
17-18 of June 2017


Director Aliaksei Tomashau
With the support of Belarusian Orienteering Federation and Orienteering Club Vytis


Hello, Dear Friends!

I’m very happy to invite you to the best Belarusian orienteering location. A lot of lakes and hills, swamps and channels as well as small fields. A wonderful adventure for a person training for World Rogaining Championships (WRC) in Latvia. The terrain and time format are very similar.

Sights near competition area

A cave, a water mill, stone crosses, graves, military architecture from World War II, ancient ruins. Polatsk was the first Belarusian city and a magnificent principality. It is the most beautiful town in Belarus now and a great cultural and trade center in the Middle Ages.


The Competition Center is located in Volki village. The word Volki has two meanings:

1) Wolf’s. The most famous Polatsk prince Usiaslaŭ the Sorcerer  was said to have the ability to turn into a wolf;

2) to drag. Moving ships between lakes and rivers in the Viking Age.


Other rogaining maps of Belarus

Rogaining maps of Belarus  are availiable doma archive


Visa Support

For the citizens of 93 countries, for example, Ukraine, Russia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Israel, Turkey, etc. a visa is not required.
If you both arrive and departure via National Airport Minsk-2 and stay in Belarus for up to 5 days, a visa is not required. This applies for citizens of 80 countries, for example, US, Australia, and EU countries.
The best way to get a visa to Belarus is to ask for an invitation from Belarus Orienteering Federation and send the invitation to the Embassy of Belarus in your country.
If you have any questions about visas to Belarus, please contact us



    Rogaining classes 12h & 24h.

  • Rogaining Cup are held in 12 & 24 hour rogaine according to the rules of rogaining of the International Rogaining Federation (IRF)


Cyclogaine 6h & 12h


Adventure 24h for funs of adventure races, Run/Bike


  4+4 6h 12h 24h
Rogaining     R12 R24
Cyclogaine   C6 C12  
Adventure       A24
Open 4+4      


Classes by gender and ages:

Men’s Open (MO) — men, no age restriction

Women’s Open (WO) — women, no age restriction
Mixed Open (XO) — at least one man and one woman, no age restriction
Men’s Youth (MY) — men, all must be under 23 years of age
Women’s Youth (WY) — women, all must be under 23 years of age
Mixed Youth (XY) — at least one man and one woman, all must be under 23 years of age
Men’s Veteran (MV) — men, all must be 40 years of age or over
Women’s Veteran (WV) — women, all must be 40 years of age or over
Mixed Veteran (XV) — at least one man and one woman, all must be 40 years of age or over



Training for orienteering and other events

There are several high quality orienteering maps not far from the competition area. You can take a map that costs 1,5€ for training. In Belarus, we have a lot orienteering and adventure events every weekend. You are welcome to participate in any of them.



We have a well-developed rail network that connects us with Warsaw, Poland (7h), Vilnius, Lithuania (3h) and Berlin, Germany (12h). You can reach Belarus by plain via international Airport Minsk-2. If you would like to do some sightseeing in Europe after the Competition, we recommend you to visit Vilnius or Warsaw. Low cost plane, train or bus tickets to many European cities are available. It is also very convenient to travel to Russia or Ukraine from Belarus.

Arriving directly at the event location.
If you are going by car from Lithuania, Latvia or Russia, you can arrive directly at Competition Center.
A local train schedule is available.


The location of the Competition Center is 55°17′5″N, 28°44′8″E (55.284607, 28.735583)

on a digital map

Transport in Belarus

Renting a car, travelling by train or bus are very convenient here. Carpooling is a regular practice for our adventure and orienteering community.



You can stay in Minsk or Polatsk. Hostels and hotels are available. Forest camps, tents and an open fire are legal in most areas.
If you like village atmosphere, accommodation near the competition center is a perfect for you.
Accommodation during the competition is available in the Base Camp near the lake or in Participator Center in the village.
Competition Center is located on a hill. Here you will find free WiFi, an open fire and some people to chat with.



Foreigners can pay at the time of registration.
Payment per person:
until 6 April – 5€
7 April to 2 May –7€
3 May to 5 June – 8€
6 June to 12 June – the entrance fee increases by 100% from the last price
13 June to 17 June – the entrance fee increases by 33% from the last price
Making extra donations is also possible.

Entry form



Contacts and information

Waiting for you in Belarus
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